Wanna Win the Race for Talent?

Digi-Me and PivotCX Webinar Recording
June 22, 2023

You cannot win a race if you are slow. If you want skilled candidates, you must act quickly.

Ask yourself this question: Would you want to have a “first round draft pick” or 13th on the list?

Did you know that video and text messaging are the secret ingredients to help talent acquisition professionals speed up the hiring process?

Join us for this webinar: “Wanna Win the Race for Skilled Candidates? How to Use Video and Text to Optimize Your Efforts!” and learn more!

Veteran speakers David Bernstein, EVP Corporate Development and Strategy of Pivot CX and Lindsay Stanton, President and Board Member of Digi-Me will take a deep dive into today’s trends and how to get ahead in hiring the best talent.

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