Alpha Packaging Case Study

When a tight job market and a global pandemic made it hard to keep positions at its eight plants across the United States and Canada fully staffed, Alpha Packaging turned to PivotCX to save time and get better results from their recruiting spend.

With PivotCX, recruiters engage candidates faster and spend more time with qualified and engaged candidates. More qualified and motivated candidates means better hires. Better hires means more team wins! 

PivotCX helps recruiters:

  • Make the best first impression
    Job applicants love the simple, fast and transparent experience: “My favorite part about the process was that from the moment I applied to when I was offered the position, I knew exactly where I stood in the process.
  • Don’t miss out on candidates: up to 23% of applications, resumes and social profiles contain inaccurate information that results in qualified candidates being screened out. PivotCX verifies qualifications, often leading to finding great candidates that otherwise would be ignored.
  • Always stay in touch: With PivotCX, 93% of your messages will be read by the candidate, and you’ll be sent to voice mail 62% less often.
  • Reduce Wasted Ad Spend: responding immediately to candidates after they apply increases their response rate, engages motivated candidates saves time and gets better results from recruiting spend.

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