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Fully featured one-to-one and SMS marketing features including templates, scripts, multimedia messages, link tracking and more.


One-to-one video mobile
and desktop video calling
makes it easy to meet and
interview candidates.
No client software
installation required


Through the browser
VOIP included. Inbound
and outbound voice
including voice mail.
Cut no-answers by calling
from the same number
you text from.

One to Many

Schedule and send automated and manual messages via SMS in seconds with built-in text blasts. Dynamic and curated lists get your message to the right candidate.

Person to Person

Chat with candidates over text to more than triple your response rate vs email or phone.


Import and export spreadsheets and CSVs. Webhooks for fast, simple integrations. Browser plug-in for an instant chat from any web page. A complete REST API enables comprehensive, in-depth integrations.

QR Codes

Connect web links or start conversations the easy way with cut/paste ready QR codes. PivotCX supports both URLs and SMS keywords.


Make it easy to engage from visual media with easy-to-remember keywords. Text DEMO to 3174498782 for more info


Workflow-triggered automatic notifications via SMS to ensure contractors never miss a beat.



Capture documents, photos and video from SMS messages. Connect documents with contacts, conversations and more. Push documents to integrated ATS, CRMs automatically


Use texting to quickly schedule interviews, meetings, and events and send out reminders. Works with scheduling tools like Calendly and Microsoft Bookings.


Trigger messages and conversations based on workflow, status, or candidate response. Mix person-to-person and automated messaging.


Maximize the value of PivotCX with online group and one-on-one training.


24x7 Support

Get answers when your team needs them. Fast web, email, SMS, and phone support. We're with you every step of the way

Jump Start

Built-in integrations, familiar messaging app UI and out of the box functionality lets you get started today and leverage advanced features tomorrow


Share contacts and conversations with team members and clients with a shared conversation history and a live conversation.

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