Digi-Me and PivotCX Partner Up

With VideoJobs from Digi-Me and Instant Messaging from PivotCX, you'll be recruiting at lightning speed!

Hire Faster than Ever

See how Digi-Me and PivotCX can enhance your recruiting videos and career fair events.

How Digi-Me and Pivot Work Together

Step into the future of Job Advertising with Digi-Me’s multimedia-rich digital job ads, powered by real-time insights coupled with PivotCX’s Talent Acquisition Communication Hub. Capture candidates’ attention and ignite their interest through interactive videos, virtual tours, and engaging content. Digi-Me’s robust analytics inform job ads placement and timing, ensuring precision targeting, and data-backed decisions. Engage top-quality talent on the channels they prefer with PivotCX’s award-winning engagement suite of tools (Texting, Phone, Video, and Chat) and stand out in the competitive market with visually stunning job ads that resonate with your ideal candidates.

Digi-Me and PivotCX for Your Career Fairs

Elevate your Virtual Career Fairs to a whole new level of impact and engagement. PivotCX and Digi-Me’s seamless integration allows you to promote your event, screen and register attendees, send reminders, host the event, and communicate with candidates afterward to thank them for attending and driving to the next steps. Maximizing candidate engagement throughout the entire Hiring Event experience is critical.  The joint Digi-Me/PivotCX Hiring Event solution will ensure that yo