List Outreach Service

An exclusive service for Great Clips franchisees: let PivotCX do the heavy lifting and turn your lists into qualified candidates

Many employers are sitting on lists of passive candidates but their recruiters don’t have the time to reach out to the hundreds of people they’ve collected in their databases. That’s why PivotCX now offers a list outreach service. You give us your lists of passive candidates, and we’ll send them all a message, chat with them, and then only send you the qualified and engaged candidates. Instead of leaving hundreds of voicemails, you could be scheduling interviews with engaged candidates.

  • Leverage Existing Lists: Instead of paying job boards for more applies, you could be mining your current database and lists for candidates. These are candidates you’ve already paid for, so take advantage to see if they’re ready for a new position.


  • Increase Candidate Flow: Most of our customers increase candidate flow by 21-40% by reengaging past applicants via SMS —  candidates you’ve already paid to acquire. By engaging faster, PivotCX is proven to increase apply to interview rate by up to 50%.


  • Increase Recruiting Productivity: our team will help you clean your lists, import them, schedule blasts, and even chat with candidates all on your behalf. Meanwhile, you and your recruiting team will only have to focus on the qualified, engaged candidates we’ll be sending you.

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