Get Texting for Taleo ATS

Send Reminders and Follow-up Messages and Have Person-to-Person Conversations all from One Place to Reduce Ghosting and Streamline Communications

Hire Faster than Ever

See how the Pivot Communications Hub can work with your Workday instance to decrease ghosting, increase screenings, and accelerate hiring.

Increase Candidate Flow

Most of our customers increase candidate flow by 20 to 40% by reengaging past applicants via SMS —  candidates you’ve already paid to acquire. By engaging faster, PivotCX is proven to increase apply to interview rate by up to 50%.

Integrate texting with your current ATS or HRIS

We know recruiters hate having too many systems to log into. That’s why we want to make it simple for you. We have over two dozen different integration partners, and will work to integrate our texting and communications hub directly with your Taleo ATS. Now you’ll be able to text candidates from Taleo without the hassle.

Win the Race for Talent

90% of job seekers pick the first job they’re offered. If you’re just letting resumes stack up, then you’re already behind in the race for talent. Don’t let candidates sit in your Taleo ATS; engage them within minutes with PivotCX texting and communications hub.

Decrease ghosting by 30% just with text reminders.

If you have trouble with candidates showing up for interviews or start dates, simple text reminders could increase your show-up rate by 30% or more as experienced with our clients.

Accelerate Candidate Flow

Reduce time to hire by 50% by accelerating pre-interview engagement and screening.

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