Labette Case Study

PivotCX helps recruiters engage candidates faster, and helps them spend more time with qualified and engaged candidates. 

With PivotCX, recruiters experience: 

  • Make the best first impression
    Job applicants love the simple, fast and transparent experience: “My favorite part about the process was that from the moment I applied to when I was offered the position, I knew exactly where I stood in the process.
  • Don’t miss out on candidates: up to 23% of applications, resumes and social profiles contain inaccurate information that results in qualified candidates being screened out. PivotCX verifies qualifications, often leading to finding great candidates that otherwise would be ignored.
  • Always stay in touch: With PivotCX, 93% of your messages will be read by the candidate, and you’ll be sent to voice mail 62% less often.
  • Reduce Wasted Ad Spend: responding immediately to candidates after they apply increases their response rate, engages motivated candidates and leads to faster hires.

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