Taleo Roundtable – Modernizing Your Process Within Your Legacy ATS

PivotCX Webinar Recording
August 30, 2023

You cannot win a race if you are slow. If you want skilled candidates, you must act quickly.

The Roundtable focused on how critical it has become to be able recruit “faster” while also being able to maintain a great candidate experience throughout the process. The panelists shared some great examples and insights on how using PivotCX has enabled them to completely modernize their end-to-end process without having to rip out and replace their Taleo ATS.

About Rita Kelly: https://api.pivotcx.io/c/dG2z
About Scot Sendelweck: https://api.pivotcx.io/c/d
About Craig Fisher: https://api.pivotcx.io/c/dG2I