Roundtable: Maximize Your Taleo Investment

Explore innovative ways to adapt your system's functionalities, integrate complementary tools, and streamline processes for improved efficiency

Feeling unhappy with your Taleo ATS?

Are you a Taleo ATS user that is unhappy that Taleo has not kept up with the features and functions that you need to be successful in today’s recruiting environment? Has your company decided now is not the right time, though to make the move to another ATS that provides those capabilities? Are you frustrated knowing that your ATS is impeding your ability to meet your hiring goals and is making recruiting even harder than it already is?

Strategize for Success: From candidate engagement and experience to data-driven decision-making, you’ll explore strategies that can make a significant impact on your hiring outcomes.

Listen to this panel discussion where we will be talking through how to contend with this situation. We understand the unique challenges faced by Talent Acquisition Leaders who are striving to meet hiring goals in today’s competitive landscape. Join us for an insightful webinar where we’ll address your pain points head-on and provide actionable strategies to thrive even with having a legacy ATS system at the core of your tech stack.

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