PivotCX in 2 Minutes

PivotCX leverages proven technology and processes to accelerate, automate, and orchestrate communications, enabling recruiters and HR personnel to seamlessly interact with more candidates and employees across multiple channels.

74% of Talent Acquisition and HR teams routinely miss their business goals, according to SHRM, Society of Human Resource Management. This is an enormous gap in business performance. Over 50% of these missed goals are directly attributed to slow and ineffective communication by these teams.

PivotCX is a leader in both cross-channel communications and the integration of its platform into existing ATS, HRIS, and CRM systems, with 5X more integrations than any competitor. No other competitor has cross-channel communication capabilities.

Pivot includes the following channels of communication texting, voice, video, and email into one fully integrated platform. Most HR organizations have, on average, 21 non-integrated and expensive systems. With PivotCX, many of these systems are redundant, significantly reducing costs.

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