2022 Candidate Engagement Benchmark Report

We teamed up with our partner JobSync and  analyzed 500,000 job applications across seven industries including Healthcare, Technology, Education, Trucking, Logistics, Manufacturing and Personal Care to find out how quickly candidates respond.

In 2021 67.24% of job applicants used mobile devices to apply for jobs. That asks two questions: first, is your application mobile-friendly? and secondly, are you engaging with them quickly enough? 

If you feel like you’re getting ghosted too many times or losing good talent to competitors then this is the report for you.

PivotCX and JobSync teamed up to analyze over 500,000 job applications to show you exactly how quickly candidates are willing to respond to you and what you can do to improve response rates and times. 

What you will learn:

  • Engagement rates and stats for top industries, including specific job titles.
  • How you can accelerate your hiring process by weeks.
  • How to have a conversation with every candidate within minutes of when they apply.

Imagine receiving an application from a qualified candidate, contacting said candidate via SMS, and having a response within 9 seconds. You read that correctly – 9 seconds.  And then imagine that at scale.

Watch the Candidate Engagement Webinar

If you want to get this most out of this industry-defining report, then you need to watch the accompanying webinar. Leah Daniels from JobSync and Mike Seidle from PivotCX break down every detail of the report for you

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