Speedy Onboarding! Oven-Ready HR Interview with Mike Seidle

Speedy Onboarding! Oven-Ready HR Interview with Mike Seidle

In this episode of Oven-Ready HR, Christ Taylor turns to Mike Seidle, a former graduate of the US Naval Nuclear Power School who’s used his technology and engineering background to create a solution that promises to reduce the hiring time from weeks to days. After all, nuclear power is used to make submarines and aircraft carriers go faster, why not the hiring process?

Media reports of staff shortages in key sectors such as hospitality are hampering the efforts and viability of businesses keen to reopen after the lockdowns. The competition for staff is currently fierce and as the saying goes ‘you snooze, you lose.

Mike Seidle, the co-founder, and CTO of PivotCX explains how organizations can use technology to beat their competitors in the race for talent; improve the overall candidate experience for both successful and unsuccessful candidates; increase diversity and inclusivity; build a positive employer brand.

Mike considers the hiring process for most candidates to be “Dystopian”. Organizations have made investments in order to hire hopefully faster and cheaper but the candidate experience is still light-years behind. A fascinating exploration of the hiring process particularly in terms of how technology can genuinely improve the candidate experience.

Featured Image background by Dominika Roseclay