In this episode of Businesses are People Too! A Podcast, host  Lindsay Harle interviews PivotCX’s CTO, Mike Seidle, to explore the power of an engaging experience in recruiting…

On this episode, we dive in and learn:

  • Why hiring is a C-Suite, not an HR issue
  • How companies should interact with potential hires
  • The reality and ramifications of the demographic shift
  • The importance of bringing along your younger employees up through the company
  • How to give employees opportunities to grow without them having to leave
  • Why businesses should be hiring for POTENTIAL rather than specifics of experience, skills, etc.
  • How to assess the potential of an individual
  • The power of HUMAN intelligence in hiring
  • What the most important thing a job seeker should be doing in an interview
  • One small thing businesses can do to start engaging their applicants
  • How to fill open positions effectively
  • The power of an engaging experience in recruiting
  • Mike’s answer to “What if…businesses realized that they are people too?” (35:09)

Links in this episode:

Website: www.pivotcx.io

LinkedIn: @IndyMike (Mike Seidle)


Website: www.thewriteharle.com; www.quirkylindsayharle.com

LinkedIn: Lindsay Harle-Kadatz

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