Fix Your Job Ads

Want 10-30% more candidates quickly? Fix your job ads. Kat Kibben is the world’s foremost expert on writing job posts and she laid out how to re-write your job posts in the Pivot2First .  It’s not hard, and the payoff is literally now and forever.

Adjust your budget.

Getting candidates from job boards is getting more straightforward, but it may take a bigger budget. First, the market is competitive, and costs are going up, despite all the talk of recession. Programmatic platforms like Pando and job boards like Indeed are making it possible to budget by applicant.  But if you are budgeted for clicks, paying for applicants may be a bit of a sticker shock. Best to overcome this and get the right budget so you can get enough candidate flow to succeed.

Treat Every Candidate like they are Precious

Because, well, they are. Indeed will charge you for every applicant. Don’t let that spending go to waste by not engaging every candidate. Try to have a conversation via text message with every candidate who applies. First, you’ll be able to identify unresponsive candidates quickly (and ask Indeed to replace them for free). Second, you can cut up the time it takes to get enough candidates into the hiring process from weeks to in some cases the same day!


Stop Turning off the Spigot

Turn on the ads, we’re hiring. Turn them off, we’ve stopped. This is a great way to save a little money now, but if you are doing it right, you’ll want to constantly be building a community of people interested in working for your company. Just lower your budget, but never stop recruiting.

Re-engage and re-engage and re-engage…

People who applied in the past should account for 20-30% of your candidate flow. The best way to re-engage? Texting.  Here’s why: you’ve already paid to get the application. The only cost you have is a text message! You might even be able to speed up the hiring because you already have the applicant in your ATS.