Webinar: Find Your Missing Candidate Flow

Webinar: Find Your Missing Candidate Flow

Candidates are getting more expensive and job boards are raising their prices. With fresh, new traffic becoming harder to get, employers can learn to tap into their forgotten candidate pool of past applicants. Find your missing candidate flow and join us on a webinar as we discuss how to mine more qualified people you can hire today from your past applicants.

Dec 2nd at 2:00pm EST / 11:00am PST
(Duration: 30min)


Mike Seidle, CTO & Cofounder, PivotCX David Anderson, CEO & Founder, Field of Talent

Learn how you can quickly organize your past candidates from your ATS, CRM or even from a spreadsheet.
– Find out how to get your message in front of candidates and get candidates to respond within minutes.
– How to lower recruitment costsby remarketing you candidate pool.
– Discover how to equip your recruiters so they can have actual person-to-person conversations with as many as 250 candidates per day.
– Increase candidate flow.