May Newsletter: Daxtra Merger, Recruiting Tips, and AcquireROI Partnership

May Newsletter: Daxtra Merger, Recruiting Tips, and AcquireROI Partnership

If you haven’t heard yet, we have big news to share with all our clients, partners, and friends. PivotCX was acquired late last month by Daxtra Technologies, an AI-powered resume-parsing company. It’s a match made in heaven: with Daxtra, you can easily search for your ideal candidates in both your ATS and across job boards, and with Pivot, you can then send out text campaigns to these targeted lists of candidates.

Learn more about the Daxtra acquisition in our blog post here.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing more information about integrations between Daxtra’s suite of products and PivotCX and how together they can save you time, make recruiting easier, and help you make hires faster.

What does a PivotCX User Do in a Day?

Have you ever wondered: what does a PivotCX do in a day? We talk regularly with all our clients and use Pivot ourselves so we’re excited to share with you a step-by-step guide of what the average recruiter does in a day with Pivot. We’ve broken it down into three steps:

1. Check your missed messages

2. Get your new candidates into Pivot or find existing ones

3. Engage with them to move them onto the next step of the recruiting process


Read the full step-by-step here

Pivot2First Episode 33: Ben Abear

RecOps is a new business function that’s just now gaining traction in companies. We’re familiar with RevOps and DevOps, and now RecOps is the new player on the block that’s enabling companies to grow and sustain their recruiting operations. Ben, a RecOps Manager at Google Fiber, explains how it’s not just a policing function. It’s a strategy function that constantly seeks to optimize recruiting.

Listen here

Partner Spotlight: AcquireROI

In a world where finding top talent is more competitive than ever, PivotCX has joined forces to revolutionize the way companies approach talent acquisition.

We have announced an exciting strategic partnership with AcquireROI, a pioneer in automated job advertising management.

Through our seamless integration, clients are now able to post jobs in PivotCX, sponsor them on hundreds of job boards through AcquireROI, and then engage with the candidates in Pivot. Companies can launch highly targeted recruitment campaigns across various platforms and audiences. 

The result? A 2X+ increase in advertising conversion rates and recruiter productivity. Learn more about this partnership here.

Learn More about AcquireROI

Product Updates – April 24, 2024

Product Updates – April 24, 2024

New Product Features

1. Support for Programmatic Job Board Advertising with AcquireROI

You can now sponsor jobs straight from PivotCX onto hundreds of job boards thanks to our new partnership integration with programmatic vendor, AcquireROI.

Learn more about AcquireROI and Pivot here 

2. Updated Browser Plug-in

If you have the PivotCX Browser plug-in, you might have noticed a chat icon appearing next to phone numbers in your browser. Clicking on the icon will open up a new tab where you can create a new contact in your PivotCX team and begin a conversation with them. This is especially handy if you want to take contacts in your email or ATS and start chatting with them directly in Pivot.

Learn more about the PivotCX Browser Plug-in here

Bug Fixes, Improvements, and Security Updates

  • Fixed a bug that was causing duplicate conversations in some edge cases.
  • Fixes a bug that caused a small number of messages to be delayed by 2-3 seconds.
  • Improved handling of webform, HROS (HR Open Standards) and JSON wbehook payloads.
  • Fixed a bug that caused quick access buttons to be unpopulated.

Improved Video Calling

PivotCX does more than chat. With Pivot, you can make telephone calls and even one-to-one, live video calls. In this release we’ve updated our video call system to make it a better experience for recruiters and most importantly, for candidates:

  • New UI for iPhone video calling
  • Updated permissions to work with recent model iPhones.
  • Added in-app instructions for iPhone users who fail to give video permissions.
  • Improved error handling to prevent call interruptions.
  • Fixes for glitchy video on iPad and iPhone
  • Automatically start video when a room is entered.
  • Better looking and easier to use in-call controls.
  • We now wait until the recruiter connects before sending out an invitation. This prevents the candidate from being greeted by an empty room.
  • Mute and unmute now follow browser guidelines and work like other video sites.
  • The landscape mode when looking on the phone needed some improving. Adds ability to rotate the video.


We’ve refreshed the dashboard and made a few visual improvements for better information density, appearance, and ease of use:

  • We’ve switch Funnel and the Contacts by Source to side by side
  • The funnel is now vertical and easier to read, and it looks more like an actual ‘funnel’.
  • We’ve cleaned up the response time widgets to make them easier to read and understand.


Product Updates March 29, 2024

Product Updates March 29, 2024

New Product Features

1. Standardized SMS Opt-in Notice for Job Feeds and Career Site

Now you can set up a standard SMS notice and it will be appended to job feeds and your PivotCX career site job pages. This makes it easy to remain TCPA compliant and personalize your message, too.

Learn more about setting up your opt-in message here 

2. UI Refresh and Improvements

We’ve done a little spring cleaning on the dashboard user interface to make Pivot easier to use and an even better experience.

  • We’ve simplified lines, boxes and font sizes to make Pivot more consistent and clean.
  • Many labels have been simplified.
  • The Notes tab in the chat window has been completely redesigned
  • The smart queue in the chat window has been updated so you can see more conversations and actions are more clear.
  • You can now mark conversations as read from the smart list.
  • Dashboard widgets have been cleaned up and are easier to read.
  • The Templates tab in the chat view has been cleaned up.
  • URLS in grids have been simplified to make them easier to read, but are still fully searchable.
  • Save buttons are always in the same place in settings.
  • Users can access feed and webhook URLs from the integrations tab under team settings

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • We’ve fixed a bug that causing URL’s to be split in two on inbound SMS message notifications.
  • Contact filtering now delivers the correct results
  • Improvements to how Pivot handles external job feeds
  • Improvements to how Pivot handles closing conversations. User will no longer be kicked out of the conversation when it’s closed.

Recruiter Chronicles March, 2024

Recruiter Chronicles March, 2024

It’s been a busy start to the year here at PivotCX. We’re hearing from our Customers and Prospects that hiring is also starting to heat back up. We know Recruiting is challenging and that Teams need solutions that enable them to stay ahead of their talent competition. This is why we’re passionate about providing you with the most innovative, easy-to-use recruiting technology on the planet.

In this month’s issue of The Recruiter Chronicles, we share with you some of the latest feature updates for PivotCX, a blog post on our Multi-touch, drip campaign feature, and the latest Pivot2First Podcast Recordings to catch you up to date on the latest trends in recruiting.

New Product Updates and Fixes

Here’s an overview of some of the latest prominent changes and fixes.

We’ve added several new features recently to help recruiters streamline their work. Here’s a quick overview of the more prominent changes. Read the full release notes online for more detailed explanations and links to relevant help articles.

1. Mass Read – select multiple open conversations and mark them as ‘read from the grid view rather than clicking into each conversation.

2. Mass Status Change – change apply statuses for multiple contacts at once from the Applies grid view rather than having to click into individual conversations.

3. Hide and Show Events in Chat View – hide actions from the chat screen so you can view the whole conversation uninterrupted.

The Power of Multi-Touch Drip Campaigns for Candidate Nurturing

Recruiters are always challenged to attract, engage and retain candidates. In our latest blog post we explore the most important reasons why recruiters should take advantage of multi-touch drip campaigns so they don’t have to rely solely with candidates from job boards to fill their openings: 

Read on here

Pivot2First Episode 30: Denise Chaffin on Humans and AI in Recruiting

Mike Seidle, David Bernstein and Denise Chaffin, President of Top Source Talent, discuss the evolution of the recruiting industry and the rise of Recruitment as a Service (RAS).  The conversation also delves into the impact of AI on recruiting, including the use of AI in recruiting tools and the challenges of bias and compliance.

Watch the full recording here

Partner Spotlight: WageScape

WageScape offers the only source of next-generation compensation intelligence. WageScape is designed to provide the insights needed in today’s fast-moving, hyper-competitive recruiting environment. Wagescape shows you what’s happening with pay for any job in any location – right now! 

PivotCX and WageScape have joined forces to create a powerful solution that provides you with the insights companies need to attract and retain talent. Imagine if your recruiters were empowered with real-time insights regarding the prevailing pay rates for every job in every market they are recruiting. In a world where the trend is moving towards greater Pay Transparency, it is imperative that Recruiting Teams have their finger on the pulse of what their talent competition is paying. It is no longer sufficient to rely on Salary Survey data that is at least 6 to 12 months old. 

 All readers of the PivotCX “Recruiter Chronicles” are entitled to an exclusive offer. Click here to indicate your interest in learning more about the PivotCX – WageScape offering, and you will be able to access the power of WageScape for a free seven-day trial.

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PivotCX Product Updates – March 7, 2024

PivotCX Product Updates – March 7, 2024

New Product Features

1. Read Button in SmartQueue

You can now mark conversations as read from the SmartQueue (the left column in the chat view) rather than having to put in the command ^read.

Learn more about using the ‘Read’ button in the SmartQueue here 

2. Mass Read

Sometimes you might be inundated with conversations that no longer require a response, or you already provided a response outside of PivotCX. We now have a ‘Mass Read’ feature that let’s you select multiple open conversations and mark them as ‘read’ from the grid view without having to click into each conversation.

Learn more about mass marking conversations as ‘Read’ here

3. Mass Status Change

You can now change the statuses of multiple contacts at once through the Applies grid view. This means you no longer have to click into each conversation to change an apply status. 

Learn more about mass changing statuses here 

5. Hide and Show Events in Chat View

In order to make the Chat view more user-friendly, we’ve implemented a new chat view option. Our new option enables you to hide actions from the chat screen. Hidden actions include Assignments, Claims, Phone Call, and Read.

Learn more about hiding and showing events here

6. Keywords

In order to make the Chat view more user-friendly, we’ve implemented a new chat view option. Our new option enables you to hide actions from the chat screen. Hidden actions include Assignments, Claims, Phone Call, and Read.

If your workflow requires these actions to be seen, We have left the option available to display these actions. The toggle is located at the top of the chat window.

Learn more about using keywords here here

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • We now treat email addresses as case-insensitive to identify contacts. 
  • Improved accuracy and frequency of integration syncs
  • Fixed glitch where searching causes jump in search results
  • Improved team selector drop-down
  • Attribution / applies tab now sorts correctly
  • Contacts grid now has an attachment column
  • Various Improvements to job feeds