Elevate Your Recruiting Game: The Power of the AcquireROI and PivotCX Partnership

Elevate Your Recruiting Game: The Power of the AcquireROI and PivotCX Partnership

In a world where finding top talent is more competitive than ever, two industry leaders are joining forces to revolutionize the way companies approach talent acquisition. AcquireROI, a pioneer in automated job advertising management, and PivotCX, a specialist in Talent Acquisition and HR Communication technologies, have announced an exciting strategic partnership that promises to transform recruiting outcomes.

What does this partnership mean for you? It means access to cutting-edge technology solutions that optimize recruitment advertising spend while enhancing hiring results. By seamlessly integrating recruitment marketing, employer branding activities, candidate communication, and engagement solutions, AcquireROI and PivotCX are reshaping the recruiting landscape.

Gone are the days of scattered efforts and disjointed processes. With this joint solution, companies can streamline their talent acquisition strategies, driving efficiency and effectiveness like never before. Here’s a glimpse of what customers can expect:

1. Enhanced Recruitment Marketing: Say goodbye to guesswork. With AcquireROI’s programmatic job advertising software, companies can launch highly targeted recruitment campaigns across various platforms and audiences. The result? A 2X+ increase in advertising conversion rates and recruiter productivity.

2. Accelerated Hiring Process: Time is of the essence in recruiting. With the combined power of AcquireROI and PivotCX, companies are experiencing a 3X+ acceleration of their hiring process. No more waiting around for the right candidate to come along.

3. Improved Candidate and Recruiter Experience: Candidate experience matters. By seamlessly integrating applicant tracking systems with PivotCX’s capabilities, companies can deliver a smoother, more engaging experience for both candidates and recruiters.

David Bernstein, PivotCX’s EVP of Corporate Development & Strategy, emphasizes the significance of this partnership: “AcquireROI’s comprehensive job advertising solution provides centralized management capabilities, addressing a common pain point for our clients. The performance transparency offered by AcquireROI allows for better decision-making and optimization of recruitment budgets.”

Timothy Myers, CEO of AcquireROI, echoes the sentiment: “We are thrilled about the PivotCX partnership. By integrating their capabilities into our platform, we can further enhance the candidate experience and provide a seamless solution for our customers.”

This joint solution isn’t just for one sector—it’s for everyone involved in talent acquisition. Whether you’re an employer, staffing agency, or a recruiting firm, the challenges remain the same: attracting, converting, and engaging top talent quickly and cost-effectively is challenging. With the AcquireROI and PivotCX partnership, these challenges become opportunities for growth and success.

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