Elevate Your Recruiting Game: The Power of the AcquireROI and PivotCX Partnership

Elevate Your Recruiting Game: The Power of the AcquireROI and PivotCX Partnership

In a world where finding top talent is more competitive than ever, two industry leaders are joining forces to revolutionize the way companies approach talent acquisition. AcquireROI, a pioneer in automated job advertising management, and PivotCX, a specialist in Talent Acquisition and HR Communication technologies, have announced an exciting strategic partnership that promises to transform recruiting outcomes.

What does this partnership mean for you? It means access to cutting-edge technology solutions that optimize recruitment advertising spend while enhancing hiring results. By seamlessly integrating recruitment marketing, employer branding activities, candidate communication, and engagement solutions, AcquireROI and PivotCX are reshaping the recruiting landscape.

Gone are the days of scattered efforts and disjointed processes. With this joint solution, companies can streamline their talent acquisition strategies, driving efficiency and effectiveness like never before. Here’s a glimpse of what customers can expect:

1. Enhanced Recruitment Marketing: Say goodbye to guesswork. With AcquireROI’s programmatic job advertising software, companies can launch highly targeted recruitment campaigns across various platforms and audiences. The result? A 2X+ increase in advertising conversion rates and recruiter productivity.

2. Accelerated Hiring Process: Time is of the essence in recruiting. With the combined power of AcquireROI and PivotCX, companies are experiencing a 3X+ acceleration of their hiring process. No more waiting around for the right candidate to come along.

3. Improved Candidate and Recruiter Experience: Candidate experience matters. By seamlessly integrating applicant tracking systems with PivotCX’s capabilities, companies can deliver a smoother, more engaging experience for both candidates and recruiters.

David Bernstein, PivotCX’s EVP of Corporate Development & Strategy, emphasizes the significance of this partnership: “AcquireROI’s comprehensive job advertising solution provides centralized management capabilities, addressing a common pain point for our clients. The performance transparency offered by AcquireROI allows for better decision-making and optimization of recruitment budgets.”

Timothy Myers, CEO of AcquireROI, echoes the sentiment: “We are thrilled about the PivotCX partnership. By integrating their capabilities into our platform, we can further enhance the candidate experience and provide a seamless solution for our customers.”

This joint solution isn’t just for one sector—it’s for everyone involved in talent acquisition. Whether you’re an employer, staffing agency, or a recruiting firm, the challenges remain the same: attracting, converting, and engaging top talent quickly and cost-effectively is challenging. With the AcquireROI and PivotCX partnership, these challenges become opportunities for growth and success.

Ready to revolutionize your recruiting outcomes? Visit Learn more about AcquireROI to learn more and schedule a no-obligation briefing. Don’t miss out on the chance to elevate your recruiting game with our combined solution. Let’s reshape the future of talent acquisition together.

Indy Star: Remote Work Option Loved at PivotCX

Indy Star: Remote Work Option Loved at PivotCX

Since the pandemic, employees have been given the choice of working in the office or from home at PivotCX.  The Indianapolis Star interviewed CTO Mike Seidle, Software Developer Ana SerVaas and Client Success leader J’Nay Wiley and visited Pivot to see just what a hybrid workplace is like in this front page Sunday feature and video.  Find out how Indianapolis based Pivot is leveraging flexible working arrangements to be a better place to work and get a competitive recruiting advantage against Silicon Valley rivals.

Watch the Full Video on the IndyStar: https://www.indystar.com/videos/news/local/2023/01/17/hybrid-workspaces-help-employees-company/11058879002/

For IndyStar subscribers: https://www.indystar.com/story/money/2023/01/17/indiana-companies-salesforce-push-back-remote-work/69799323007/

View Pictures here: https://www.indystar.com/picture-gallery/news/local/2023/01/17/work-home-office-choice-local-firm/11041322002/


PivotCX Adds Real-Time Video Interviewing

PivotCX Adds Real-Time Video Interviewing

PivotCX Continues to Shake Up How Recruiting Gets Done by Adding Real-Time Video to it’s Talent Acquisition Communications Hub

Video is the latest communication channel to be added as part of PivotCX’s mission to empower every recruiting team on the planet to make better hires faster. 

INDIANAPOLIS (September 13, 2022) –  PivotCX, an HR technology company that is transforming the recruiting process with its all-in-on talent acquisition communications hub, today announced the release of its beta version of its Real-Time Video communications.  As with all past communication channels incorporated into the hub, the addition of video will also provide the same level of interoperability across all existing channels already in place.  

PivotCX is reinventing how recruiting gets done by creating an “all-in-one” communication hub that enables recruiting teams to communicate the right information with the right candidates over the right communication channel at the right time.  The product can be deployed in a number of different ways as it is able to be used as a stand-alone solution, or can be integrated into any system or tool that recruiting teams already have in place.  

Being able to engage with and to develop meaningful relationships with all candidates, recruiters and hiring managers is what is at the heart of Talent Acquisition.  Everything else are the administrative process steps required to get recruiting done. PivotCX is a comprehensive toolkit of modern-day communication tools, combined with interactive use cases that are purpose-built for Talent Acquisition.  The PivotCX communications hub is able to address both the administration steps of the process as well as providing recruiting teams with the ability to directly engage with candidates and hiring managers at the speed and scale required to be successful in today’s recruiting environment.

“We see the introduction of video as the latest in a long string of communication tools on our roadmap that will enable recruiting teams to turn their Talent Acquisition function into a company’s competitive advantage,” said Howard Bates, CEO and Co-founder. “We understand that successful recruiting outcomes are dependent on being able to communicate effectively and to capture the information needed in a timely manner.  “The introduction of video furthers our mission of being able to empower recruiting teams and hiring managers to increase the velocity and momentum of their processes, along with dramatically enhancing a candidate’s experience” Bates said.

“Everyday we think deeply about how to make the recruiting experience more engaging, productive, and enjoyable by developing the most robust communication tools that remove the friction and latency in the communication and data flows in the current process” says Mike Seidle, CTO and Co-founder.  “Today, companies are operating their Talent Acquisition processes using legacy tools and communication channels that do not scale or enable them to keep pace with the dynamic nature of the market and candidate expectations for timely feedback.  Video is another way that we’ll enable teams to function with the level of immediacy and scale to make recruiting work” Seidle said.  

The addition of real-time video in conjunction with the current functionality of SMS, and Voice,  exponentially increases the immediacy of being able to communicate with and collect information from candidates and hiring managers.  Further, the incorporation of video enables recruiting teams to nurture critical talent throughout the entire hiring process.  Video is a vital tool to enable recruiting teams to operate with speed while also being able to build relationships and to provide an excellent candidate experience.

PivotCX’s Real-Time video communication is currently available in beta.  It is expected to be generally available by the end of Q4, 2022. Those interested in seeing the product can stop by Booth 514B for a demonstration during the HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas from September 13-15th or can request a demo directly here.

About PivotCX

PivotCX is transforming the way recruiting gets done. Through its innovative all-in-one talent acquisition communications hub, recruiting teams are empowered to make better hires faster. With PivotCX, recruiters are able to engage in personalized conversations with all candidates and managers at the scale and speed required to meet their hiring needs. The PivotCX communication hub integrates with ATS, CRM, and HRIS systems as well as job boards, social media, and career sites. This enables automated and person-to-person conversations via text, voice, video, and email. Data collection and comprehensive dashboards for communications and actionable analytics complete the SaaS solution that’s quickly becoming the go-to tool for recruiting teams. Learn more about PivotCX.


Media Contact: David Bernstein, 510-468-9697 or press@pivotcx.io

Merge Announces New Customer, PivotCX, Powering 38 ATS Integrations

Merge Announces New Customer, PivotCX, Powering 38 ATS Integrations

Merge, the Unified API for B2B integrations, today announced that its ATS Unified API is powering integrations for PivotCX, a communications hub for talent acquisition. PivotCX now supports integrations with 38 popular Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), including Workday and Taleo, using Merge’s ATS Unified API. PivotCX orchestrates conversations across communication channels such as text, voice, video, and email. The ATS integrations provided through the Merge Unified API enable PivotCX to dramatically increase recruiter productivity while also providing a streamlined candidate experience.

“We’re thrilled to see Unified APIs unlocking new integrations and customer experiences. PivotCX is making it easier for recruiters and candidates to coordinate, and hire people faster, using integrations with ATS tools,” said Shensi Ding, CEO and Co-Founder of Merge. “PivotCX’s support for 38 integrations at once is a testament to how Unified APIs make it easier than ever to offer customers all of the integrations they want.”

PivotCX selected Merge based on the breadth and depth of the platform’s ATS integration support. Mike Seidle, CTO and Co-Founder of PivotCX, observes that Merge “takes a very systematic approach to integrations with a Unified API. Merge creates a universal model for ATS data that greatly simplifies the work for my team.”

PivotCX has already seen market traction and new clients from the expanded ATS integration support. Mike Seidle observes that the “ability to load candidate data directly from ATS tools allows employers to start recruiting conversations immediately. ATS integrations just landed us a contract with the largest employer in our home state of Indiana.” PivotCX’s EVP Corp Dev & Strategy, David Bernstein, notes that expanding integration support with “a Unified API frees up our development team to focus on bringing on new customers, rather than building and maintaining integrations. Merge is a fundamental piece of our growth strategy.”

Continue Reading here: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/merge-announces-new-customer-pivotcx-powering-38-ats-integrations-301621605.html

HR Tech Conference: PivotCX Nominated for Pitchfest 2022

HR Tech Conference: PivotCX Nominated for Pitchfest 2022

The HR Technology Conference & Exposition® is pleased to announce the participants of its 2022 Pitchfest. The popular startup competition will take place during the upcoming HR Technology Conference, happening September 13 – 16, 2022, at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

This year, 33 companies will compete during the three preliminary rounds, each with five minutes to present and two to three minutes to answer questions from the judges. Based on a combination of votes from the audience and the judges, the total score earned by each company in the preliminary rounds will determine which six advance to the finals.

PivotCX is excited to be nominated in this list and excited to present at HR Tech in Las Vegas.

Read more here: https://www.globenewswire.com/en/news-release/2022/08/30/2506551/0/en/HR-Technology-Conference-Exposition-Announces-2022-Pitchfest-Participants.html