Merge, the Unified API for B2B integrations, today announced that its ATS Unified API is powering integrations for PivotCX, a communications hub for talent acquisition. PivotCX now supports integrations with 38 popular Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), including Workday and Taleo, using Merge’s ATS Unified API. PivotCX orchestrates conversations across communication channels such as text, voice, video, and email. The ATS integrations provided through the Merge Unified API enable PivotCX to dramatically increase recruiter productivity while also providing a streamlined candidate experience.

“We’re thrilled to see Unified APIs unlocking new integrations and customer experiences. PivotCX is making it easier for recruiters and candidates to coordinate, and hire people faster, using integrations with ATS tools,” said Shensi Ding, CEO and Co-Founder of Merge. “PivotCX’s support for 38 integrations at once is a testament to how Unified APIs make it easier than ever to offer customers all of the integrations they want.”

PivotCX selected Merge based on the breadth and depth of the platform’s ATS integration support. Mike Seidle, CTO and Co-Founder of PivotCX, observes that Merge “takes a very systematic approach to integrations with a Unified API. Merge creates a universal model for ATS data that greatly simplifies the work for my team.”

PivotCX has already seen market traction and new clients from the expanded ATS integration support. Mike Seidle observes that the “ability to load candidate data directly from ATS tools allows employers to start recruiting conversations immediately. ATS integrations just landed us a contract with the largest employer in our home state of Indiana.” PivotCX’s EVP Corp Dev & Strategy, David Bernstein, notes that expanding integration support with “a Unified API frees up our development team to focus on bringing on new customers, rather than building and maintaining integrations. Merge is a fundamental piece of our growth strategy.”

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