Candidate Engagement is a Decaying Asset

Candidate Engagement is a Decaying Asset

At PivotCX we understand the intrinsic value of engagement in the realm of recruiting. It’s not just a buzzword; it’s a lifeline that connects you with your future employees, your organization’s internal customers, and the driving force behind your success. Engagement is more than just a fleeting interaction; it’s the bedrock upon which lasting relationships are built.

Imagine engagement as a precious asset, one that depreciates over time if not nurtured. But fear not, for we are here to help you not only preserve but enhance that value. We believe in engaging faster, engaging longer, and, most importantly, engaging better.

Why is engagement crucial, you ask? Well, your future employees are the heartbeat of your organization, the potential workforce that will shape your future. At PivotCX, we treat them with the utmost respect, considering them not merely as candidates but as valued customers. Our technology is meticulously designed to cater to their needs, ensuring a seamless journey through your recruitment process.

Our platform doesn’t just create lists; it crafts relationships. We guide your prospects through your funnel, nurturing and managing these connections, transforming them into the future talent that will drive your organization forward. But remember, like any valuable asset, these relationships demand consistent maintenance and development.

Maintaining these relationships isn’t just about data hygiene; it’s about investing energy and effort into moving the needle of engagement. We understand that relationships without active engagement are like objects at rest. Just as in physics, it takes significant energy to set these relationships in motion. That investment of energy into relationships is what we excel at, propelling your recruiting and hiring journey forward.

Let’s face the truth: if engagement isn’t initiated, you’re back to square one. Think of it as rebuilding a cherished relationship from scratch. Consider the consequences: customer churn, sluggish sales, and your top talent walking away just when you need them the most. It’s a scenario no organization wants to face.

Your candidates today are the employees of tomorrow. The databases of engagement we help you create are the future human capital of your organization. Just like a historic building, if not properly maintained, they lose their charm and value. At Pivotcx, we ensure that your investment in these relationships is not only preserved but amplified.

So, let’s engage, not just for today, but for a future where your organization thrives, where your best talent is retained, and where every engagement translates into an opportunity for growth. Together, we will shape a future where your recruiting endeavors are not just efficient but deeply human and profoundly impactful. Welcome to the future of recruiting with PivotCX where humanengagement transforms into enduring success!

PivotCX Taps HR Tech Industry Expert David Bernstein to Join its Leadership Team

PivotCX Taps HR Tech Industry Expert David Bernstein to Join its Leadership Team


Bernstein brings nearly 30 years of experience plus deep industry and enterprise-level relationships 

INDIANAPOLIS (August 10, 2022) – – PivotCX, an HR technology company that is transforming the recruiting process with its all-in-on talent acquisition communications hub, today announced that it has hired HR technology industry expert David Bernstein as executive vice president of corporate development and strategy. In this role, Bernstein will be responsible for business development, strategic alliances, marketing, and amplifying the brand across multiple stakeholder communities.

Bernstein, who has nearly three decades of experience in human resources, first as a recruiter for PeopleSoft and later as an early adopter, implementer, and leader in the HR technology space. Among his career highlights are implementing global technology platforms for Fortune 500 companies such as Hitachi and serving as a director of product strategy for an early pioneer of total HR software solutions. Bernstein has worked with six startups in the HR technology space, most recently as the vice president of partnerships and industry relations for JobSync. Bernstein is a frequent contributor to Forbes and serves on the Forbes HR Council. He is also an adjunct professor, teaching HR Analytics, at Palo Alto University, and is a noted speaker at HR technology events.

Bernstein’s hiring could not have been better timed, says PivotCX CEO and Co-founder Howard Bates. “The last two years have been extremely challenging for companies to rehire employees post-pandemic, adjust to fast-changing workforce dynamics and an overall shortage of qualified candidates. This has motivated very large companies to reevaluate traditional recruiting practices and embrace PivotCX platform’s unique ability to immediately engage candidates, accelerate the hiring process enabled by live text, and provide an overall excellent experience.

“We are extremely fortunate to have David onboard to drive business development and strategic partnerships for PivotCX as we concentrate on scaling the company to the next level,” Bates said.

PivotCX’s client base has grown exponentially in 2022, which Mike Seidle, PivotCX co-founder and CTO, says he is looking forward to leveraging Bernstein’s role as chief brand evangelist. “We will soon be announcing major corporate clients that are adopting the PivotCX platform because they need quality people now. We’re confident that with David’s focus on delivering the PivotCX message to more companies, more analysts, more journalists and influencers, we can radically redefine the effectiveness of recruiters and the experience of job candidates for companies that want to be first in line to choose the best candidates.”

Bernstein says his decision to be a change-maker for PivotCX was driven by the untenable and unacceptable nature of traditional recruiting where businesses and candidates live in their respective vacuums. “Talent is what drives business outcomes. If you can’t recruit and nurture great talent through the hiring process, companies are dead in the water. I welcome the opportunity with PivotCX to transform the experience for recruiters and candidates so that connections are immediate and positive energy is generated on both sides whether the candidate is hired or not. We’ve got to get back to being responsive to all candidates and the critical human touch in recruiting. I see PivotCX as the enabler.”

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PivotCX is transforming the way recruiting gets done. Through its innovative all-in-one talent acquisition communications hub, recruiting teams are empowered to make better hires faster. With PivotCX, recruiters are able to engage in personalized conversations with candidates and managers at the scale and speed required to meet their hiring needs. The PivotCX communication hub integrates with ATS, CRM, and HRIS systems as well as job boards, social media, and career sites. This enables automated and person-to-person conversations via text, voice, and email. Data collection and comprehensive dashboards for communications and actionable analytics complete the SaaS solution that’s quickly becoming the go-to tool for recruiting teams. Learn more about PivotCX.



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